Boost Player Retention

Our team will assist you in generating a database for dynamic ads from your product feed in order to create unique engagement experiences for each individual user based on their unique customer journey to secure long-term player retention and high viral marketing potential.

Retargeting on the Web

Common scenario: user looks at an item in your game shop but doesn’t check out. Now you can re-engage them with an interactive ad which shows that very item live in action.


Retargeting In-Game

You don’t have to go some place else to engage players. Target them on your own website or in your game client to create up and cross sell opportunities.

Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular hang-out around the web. Time to say ‚hello again and welcome back‘ to your users with specialized facebook ads on their personal timeline.


Retargeting on Mobile

You remember when gamers where believed to be basement dwellers? Well, not anymore. Now gaming is outside too…and inside…basically everywhere since mobile devices have become the foremost device for gaming. NEODAU enables you to target mobile users on every browser, device and even in-app.

Retargeting on YouTube

Retarget on the various ad formats YouTube has to offer and employ context sensitive ads paired with relevant video content.